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JAMStack: An Introduction to Advanced Web Technologies

JAMStack: An Introduction to Advanced Web Technologies

Stacking technologies helps standardize and streamline the web development process. With the right tools in place, marketing teams and engineering managers can pare down development schedules and save $$$ on resources for technically-needy organizations.

The Rise of the JAMStack: An Overview

Coined by Mathias Biilmann and Sarah Drasner, the JAMStack dares to doubles-down on what is great about the web. Git-backed, community-driven codebases are available from developers working together around the world. Exciting new projects are being pushed forward everyday.

Ex. Next.js powering Foundation, an NFT Marketplace relying on Web3.

The best parts of the web

The JAMStack is a set of web development fundamentals and integrations. Access to powerful cloud-computing and storage, a focus on Accessibility and Best-practices, and a wide range of CDN (Content Delivery Network) deployment options makes the JAMStack an intriguing package to reach for.

What's the JAM?

The acronym stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup.


when someone ask you what programming language they should learn, don’t simply answer the one you prefer.

first ask them what area they plan to focus on. for example:

web frontend: javascript
backend: javascript
mobile apps: javascript
games: javascript
ai: javascript

Bruno Lemos January 15, 2021

JavaScript is a client & server-side programming language that does more than just Front-end Code. The JAMStack allows for JavaScript to be used at every layer of the stack.


APIs are employable through HTTP/HTTPS ( fetch, axios) and an array of client and server-based SDKs. Temporarily (or continuously) reach outside the JAMStack for realtime connections that will power your apps and experiences.


Markup (HTML, MarkDown, JSON, etc.) defines application structure and allows for git-based CMS functionality that developers will enjoy. Markup and Static-site Generation, deployed to CDN, allows for simple-and-secure DevOps.

Enjoy better performance when exploring the JAMStack. Concentrated optimizations yield incredible performance results. Your customers take notice and appreciate when fixes are continuously deployed. Moreover, scaling with JAMStack is easy and affordable, which has catalyzed its popularity.

While we are still early in the evolution of the JAMStack, the appropriation of solid fundamentals has allowed for powerful and performant improvements in a short period of time. Stay ahead of your customers and stop worrying about deploying the right JAMStack!

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